How to Use the Highfive Add-On for G Suite

When you use the Highfive add-on for G Suite you get a simple way to add secure conferencing links to your meetings. (Don't yet have the add-on installed? Here's how!)

  1. With a Google Calendar event window open, click Add video conferencing and choose Highfive.
  2. Select Highfive from the list.
  3. The add-on will show a progress indicator while it prepares the invitation content.
  4. As soon as that completes, links for the meeting appear below the Highfive Meeting drop-down. 
  5. Enter the rest of the event details and send the invitation to your guests. They can join by clicking the link in their calendar.

Some domains have features that will show additional links, such as a SIP link for connecting other conference room systems to the Highfive meeting. These will appear below the "Join Highfive Meeting" link.

Customizing the meeting link: Please note that customizing the auto-generated meeting link is not currently supported.

Note: If you're seeing Google Meet as your default choice for every meeting, please ask your G Suite Admin to adjust the default app setting for your domain.

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