Poly Studio X Hub Device Mode

Poly Studio hubs have a device mode that allows room users access to the Poly device without being in a Highfive meeting. Users can connect to the hubs as an A/V peripheral for non-Highfive meetings and can share content directly from their laptop to the Poly conference room camera.

Connect via USB-C or HDMI


This method allows using the Poly Studio device as an A/V source for a non-Highfive meeting joined on the presenter's computer. This will allow the camera, mic input, and speakers so everyone in the room can see and hear the meeting, and be seen and heard by the remote participants.

  1. Connect a USB-C cable from the presentation device to the Poly hub's USB C port.
  2. Select the Poly device as the A/V source(s) in the video conferencing software on the computer.


This method allows mirroring or extending the computer's desktop to the conference room TV so that everyone in the meeting can see other meeting participants. The computer's camera, if enabled, will be the video input seen by remote participants.

Launch Device Mode

Poly Studio X hubs are switched to Device Mode via two methods:

  • Via the TC8 touchscreen controller: If the hub has a controller in the room, tap the Device Mode button on the home screen.
  • Via connecting cables to the camera: When a USB-C or HDMI cable are connected to the hub and a computer, the Poly Studio X device will automatically switch to Device Mode.

Controlling the Room in Device Mode

For hub configurations that include a TC8 controller, users can manage volume via the controller. Users who join non-Highfive meetings via their computers can manage volume for the room through their computer's volume controls.


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