Poly Studio X Series

As of March 2021, Highfive and Poly (formerly Polycom) have made Poly Studio X series cameras available for purchase and use by Highfive Customers. This page covers the technical specifications of the Poly camera hubs that can be used with Highfive.

The following devices are supported:

The Poly Studio devices may have optional accessories and the Studio hubs have a device mode where participants can connect directly to the hub for local presentations.

For information about hub device capabilities, see our Poly Studio X Series Product Specifications. For information about the TC8 controller, visit Poly's TC8 product page.

Poly Studio Hub First-time setup

While the Poly Studio cameras have different back panel layouts, the recommended order for connecting the devices is the same for all models.

  1. Connect the device to a wall outlet using the provided AC adapter and power cable.
  2. Connect the device to an Ethernet port using the provided (CAT5e or CAT6) cable.
  3. Connect the device to a TV using the provided HDMI cable.

If your Studio device has the TC8 controller, it will automatically connect with the camera. The TC8 controller does not require additional setup after it's connected to the camera.

For detailed setup instructions of each system, check out these articles at support.poly.com for your device:

Configure the Poly Studio Hub for Highfive

Configuring Poly devices for use with Highfive is a quick process.

  1. Go to setup.highfive.com in your web browser.
    If you're not already logged-in, you will be prompted to create or log in to your Highfive account.
  2. Enter the setup code from on your TV into the Highfive setup webpage.
  3. Complete the steps on your computer to ready the device for use.
  4. Verify that the TV displays the Highfive home screen, which shows your company's Highfive link and the device name.

Your conference room is now ready for use!

Poly Studio X30

This is the same configuration with or without the TC8 touchscreen controller.

Front view


Connections view



Poly Studio X50

This is the same configuration with or without the TC8 touchscreen controller.

Front View


Connections View


Unsupported Features

The following features are not supported on the Poly Studio X Series hubs for use with Highfive:


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