FAQ: Highfive Device Returns

Highfive approaches the retirement of our cloud video conferencing service, Highfive equipment at your offices will need to be taken out of service. 

What should I do with my Highfive equipment?

In many areas in the United States and Canada, access to an electronics recycling service (or at least an electronic waste service) can be found in your area.

Do I need to prove that I've recycled or destroyed my devices?

Nope! When Highfive is formally retired, all services that connected you with your business partners and customers will be taken offline and the devices cannot be used for video conferencing.

I liked how Highfive worked. Do you have recommendations for an alternative?

The engineering teams responsible for Highfive have applied their talents to enhancing Dialpad Meetings, so please contact sales@dialpad.com and let them know that you'd like to see what's available!

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